X-PO Anti-Freeze Inhibitor Range

Glycol Heat Transfer Inhibitor Range


· Superior range of glycol based anti-freezes

· Includes BOSS™ X-PO10 Inhibitor protection

· Increases system performance and efficiency

· Nitrate and borate free

· X-PO50 Non-hazardous monopropylene ready mixed to -12°C

· X-PO55 Non-hazardous monopropylene concentrate

· X-PO60 Monoethylene ready mixed to -10°C

· X-PO65 Monoethylene concentrate

All X-PO Glycol products contain X-PO10, a Buildcert and Energy Savings Trust approved product.

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Product Code

X-PO50 Monopropylene Ready-mix 20L Drum                                       16910862
X-PO55 Monopropylene Concentrate 20L Drum                                     16910873
X-PO60 Monoethylene Ready-mix 20L Drum                                          16910884
X-PO65 Monoethylene Concentrate 20L Drum                                        16910895

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