X-Pot 6

Side Stream Filtration

The precision design of the X-POT offers the only 3 in 1 solution to water treatment on the market.

The X-POT 6 contains 6 rare earth magnets encased within a stainless steel magnet grate for easy removal and cleaning. Along with the magnets, the cartridge filter offers superior cleaning and exceptional retention of system debris. The X-POT 6 also includes excellent air and micro bubble removal via the on-board AAV, making it advantageous for all systems.

Product Specification

All stainless steel construction including all 1” valves and 1” fittings (Except ½” AAV)

Dosing capacity: 10L

Factory test pressure: 10Bar

Max working pressure: 7Bar

Flow rate: Up to 60L/m (clean filters)

Temp range: 0 to 95 C

Rare Earth Magnets: 6

Weight: Empty = 21kg, Full = 34kg

Supplied with starter kit

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