Q1. Does it work?

  • A1. Vexo’s X-PO10 Premier Central Heating Inhibitor has been developed, fully tested and certified by BuildCert.  BuildCert is a fully independent product certification scheme. BuildCert certifies testing to UK Standards (UKAS) for plumbing products and to the requirements of the UK Building Regulations BS7593:2006. In other words, it does exactly what it says on the pouch: It protects your Central Heating system.

Q2. How do I know it will save money on my utility bill by using X-PO10?

  • A2. The Energy Savings Trust, The Carbon Trust and British Standards all recognise that by adding X-PO10, a BuildCert approved product, it will increase the efficiency of a Central Heating system which has not had any previous treatment added.

Q3. Can it really save me 15% on my Gas bill?

  • A3. Independent research determined the following: X-PO10 Premier Central Heating Inhibitor was added to a Central Heating system with pipework and radiators approximately 20 years old and a 5 year old boiler. No evidence of previous water treatment was in place. The limescale was de-scaled from the Heat Exchanger, the corrosion process stopped and radiators stopped producing excess air in them. The sludge build-up in system started to breakdown. All of this resulted in the efficiency of the system rising by 14.5%.

Q4. How much X-PO10 Premier Central Heating Inhibitor do I need to put into my Central Heating system?

  • A4. A standard Central Heating system of up to 12 radiators has up to 70 litres of water in it. One pouch of X-PO10 Premier Central Heating Inhibitor will treat your system. If you have more than 12 radiators or you think you have a larger system, you will need two pouches or more. You can not over dose your system if you put to much in.

Q5. I don’t have a lot of DIY skills, how easy is it to install the valve?

  • A5. The Patented Vexo Valve has been designed for you the home owner to easily install. It will take an average of 10 minutes to install. We have provided full fitting instructions along with a short video on this Website showing just how simple the installation can be.

Q6. Do I need to put a Vexo Valve on to every radiator?

  • A6. No, you only need one valve per whole system.

Q7. How often do I need to add Vexo X-PO10 Premier Central Heating Inhibitor?

  • A7.Both the ‘Carbon Trust’ and Vexo recommend you add our treatment annually. This will give added protection year-on-year and next year you only need to purchase the X-PO10 pouch.

Q8. How can I remember to add X-PO10 Premier Central Heating Inhibitor every year?

  • A8. In your delivery, you will receive a date sticker which should be placed on to your Boiler. Please you can register your system with Vexo online.  We will send you an e-mail to remind you.

Q9. What would happen if I didn’t treat my Central Heating system?

  • A9. Your Central Heating system will be costing you extra money to heat your home, the life of your system will be shortened and you will be producing more CO2. You may start to experience, central heating problems, cold radiators, a noisy boiler, noisy central heating pipes; these indicate onset problems which could be expensive to repair.

Q10. How can I purchase X-PO10 Central Heating Protector?

  • A10.For the most cost effective way of buying, you can buy direct from Vexo at our Website –www.vexoint.com

Q11. Can my plumber recommend it?

  • A11. We are finding more and more plumbers using Vexo products and with the BuildCert Certification this means that our products have been independently tested and approved as being fit for their intended use.

Q12. If I’m renting a property, can I still install the valve and X-PO10 Central Heating Protector?

  • A12. Yes you can, but check with your Landlord first. You will gain by lowering your utility bill and your Landlord will benefit from reduced maintenance costs.