Customer Reviews

Further to the receipt of the Vexo XPO10 (which arrived promptly by post and well packaged) I would just like to share my experience in using the product in my Mothers property. We had a boiler kettling noise causing a nuisance and worrying my Mum so we called to check if Vexo could help. Their advice was warm and friendly and we settled on the Vexo XPO10 product to help clean and descale the system and boiler heat exchanger. The area suffers from hard water and over the years scale had built up on the heat exchanger. I unpacked the product and selected the appropriate radiator to inject through and followed Vexo’s instructions on how to isolate the radiator, remove the end cap and insert the new valve to inject the product. Everything was simple and easy to do with very little mess and disruption. After filling out the dose sticker and sticking to the boiler cover we waited for the results. After just 1 week the noise was gone and I finally had my mother of my back!! We await to see the financial benefit but we understand it could be as much as 15% saving !! Well done Vexo, Ian Ratcliffe

“Recently my central hearing system had its annual service by Gas-tite (West Wickham). I watched with great interest as the engineer installed a Vexo valve and added a pouch of XPO-10 inhibitor to my system. It was an incredibly fast and clean process without any mess at all. I am now very proud of having the Vexo valve permanently fitted ready for another pouch of XPO-10 next year. Great product – well done Vexo” Paul (Bromley).

The Vexo valve was very easy to install and only took a few minutes. I followed the installation video which is simple, concise and easy to understand. I have now noticed a difference to my heating, in fact, I have turned my heating down a few degrees!
I would recommend this to all my friends and colleagues. I think it’s a brilliant product. Thanks Vexo, Bronwyn Wren

Having previously used other inhibitor products and had first-hand experience of the issues with using them I was really impressed with the speed and simplicity of the pouch system to deliver the Vexo product into the heating system. The replacement non-return end cap – “The Vexo valve” that came supplied is a great idea that will make repeat applications even quicker. In terms of the product working I’ve certainly noticed an improvement in the speed the radiators heat up and also the temperature they throw out which we hopefully reduce my costs. Gary

The product was very easy to use, and took just a few minutes to apply the product. I was particularly impressed with the clever valve design which meant the process was very clean too and none of the product was spilt when adding into the radiator.

Based on comparing my Gas usage to that of last year, I would say the heating is on less and gas usage has been reduced by around £10 per month. This was based over the last 6 months, so maybe lower in the summer months. Great product thanks!