New Vexo X-Pot™ Combination Dosing Unit

New Vexo X-Pot™ Combination Dosing Unit to launch at the Water Management Society Conference on 4th June

Vexo international will be using the launch of the new water treatment regulations for Re-Circulating Closed Heating Systems in Buildings as platform to launch the X-Pot™ Combination Dosing Unit.

Richard Harrison – Cowley, Director of Vexo International, said ‘it make perfect sense to launch the X-Pot to coincide with the new regulations. There is a clear synergy in what we believe the new regulations will set out in respect of water treatment in closed systems and how the X-Pots™ functionality will comply with the regulations. We are extremely proud of the X-Pot™ and believe it to be a game changer for cost effective water treatment management both in new systems and retrofit projects.

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