Vexo International has been working with Oxley Park Academy to improve their heating efficiency and reduce their fuel costs. Oxley Park Academy contacted Vexo as they had been experiencing problems with their Central Heating System which included a loss in efficiency and high heating bills. Following on site analysis, Vexo diagnosed the problem related to a build-up of scale in the Central Heating system and also scale specifically affecting the Boiler Heat Exchangers. The solution was to dose the system with X-PO10 Central Heating Inhibitor. Richard  Harrison -Cowley Co-founder and Director of Vexo said ‘following the dosing of the system, in matter of days we received a call from the school advising that they for the first time were having to open the window as it was too hot! This was wonderful news for the Academy who will now benefit for reduced heating bills. We are looking forward to returning next year to re-dose the system to maintain the efficiency’

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