Vexo Launch New X-POT Compact Side Stream Filtration and Dosing Unit

The new X-POT Compact Side Stream Filtration and Dosing Unit is a smaller version of our X-POT but more compact and suitable for installation in even more congested plant room spaces or with packaged PHX arrangements. Just like our standard X-POT, our X-POT Compact also incorporates rare earth magnets and a cartridge filter and is ideally suited for smaller systems with up to 2” Mains Flow and Return. The X-POT Compact is factory tested to 6bar and is suitable for a max working pressure of 4bar. Now available from BSS industrial the X-POT Compact comes with a starter pack which includes an insulation jacket, a 100 Micron filter cartridge & 5L of or our inhibitor X-PO10.  Paul Hanrahan MD of Vexo said ‘the X-POT compact was developed in response to customer demand. With plant room space at a premium and becoming even more congested we are able to provide the multiple functions of the X-POT but in a smaller compact unit which is a cost effective and compelling water treatment solution’.

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