Water Treatment Products - Radiator cleaning Vexo Valve

After 3 years of research and development which included listening to you the homeowner we at Vexo developed the new patented Vexo Valve.

Now available for the first time, the new revolutionary Vexo Valve is designed to be installed into a single radiator to act as a permanent dosing point for you to add the X-PO range water treatment chemicals to your Central Heating system.

Our Valve comes with all XPO products


The Vexo Valve is simple to install in a matter of minutes.


Vexo Valve
  • The Vexo Valve is simple to install in a matter of minutes
  • Its as easy to install as bleeding a Raditor and requires no DIY skills
  • Acts as a permenant dosing point for adding the X-PO range water treatment chemicals
  • Removes the chore and expense of treating your system, now you can do it each year simply by    using the installed Vexo Valve
  • The Patented Vexo Valve is manufactured from high quality materials- Polyoxymethylene (POM)
  • The Patented Vexo Valve has been pressure tested to 5bar when in situ in a domestic radiator.

The traditional approach to adding water treatment to a Central Heating system has been via the tank in your loft. In most cases this would have been carried out by a professional such as a plumber possibly as part of an annual boiler service. We at Vexo recognised that a simpler approach to dosing your system with an Inhibitor like X-PO10 would allow you to take control.  Water treatment is a simple and cost effective way to maintain your Boiler, Central Heating system and helps to reduce your heating bills. With the development of the new Vexo Valve that process has now become a whole lot easier

The Vexo Valve once installed into a single Radiator act as a permanent dosing point for adding water treatment chemicals that clean or protect your Boiler & Central Heating system. The Vexo Valve is designed to be used only with our X-PO range of water treatment chemicals due to our unique dosing system. We do not recommend that the Vexo Valve is used for any other purpose which could result in the damage of the valve.


Temperature range = -40oC to 120oC.
Tensile strength = 55-80MN/m2.
Tensile Modulus = 3-4GN/m2.
Flexural Strength = 100-150MN/m2.
Specific heat = 1.25-1.70kj/kgoC
Glass Transition Temperature = -76oC.
Long term service Temperature = 90oC.
Specific Gravity = 1.41.
Water Absorption = 0.1-0.5% (50% rh).

None Available

Q1 How long does it take to install the Vexo Valve?

A1 On average it takes about 10 minutes to install the Vexo Valve into a single radiator

Q2 I have no real experience of DIY, will I still be able to install the Vexo?

A2 Yes, we designed the Vexo Valve and the X-PO10 range of water treatment chemicals for the homeowner. Installing the Vexo Valve is as easy a bleeding a Radiator

Q3 I am concerned about leaks when I install the Vexo Valve should I be?

A3 No, if you follow the installation instructions correctly there will be a minimal amount of water that comes out of your Radiator when you install the Vexo Valve. Please watch our installation video for more information.

Q4 Which tools do I need to install the Vexo Valve?

A4 You simply need an adjustable spanner, screwdriver and a Radiator Key. Please watch our installation video for more information