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Vexo X-PO10 Premier Central Heating protector is a BuildCert Approved 250ml liquid corrosion and scale inhibitor. It has been formulated as a super concentrate blend of organic acid agents.

It has been designed to specifically add superior all round protection from the aggressive nature of non-treated fluid on system metals and non-metal materials most commonly found within your Central Heating system. It provides on- going protection and also stops sludge and scale build up.

£16.50 + VAT (Includes the revolutionary Vexo Valve)

Vexo X-PO10 | The Premier Central Heating protector


  • The Vexo Valve is simple to install in a matter of minutes.
  • Saves you up to 10% on your heating bill (subject to system condition)
  • Increases efficiency on older systems
  • Increases Heat Exchanger efficiency
  • Reduces maintenance costs.
  • Prevents sticking pumps.
  • Prevents boiler noise.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Prevents cold spots on radiators
  • Maintains design efficiency on new systems.
  • Prolonged system life for new and old systems.
  • Efficiently & Effectively controls corrosion and scale.
  • Prevents gas buid-up in radiators.
  • Lowers Carbon emissions.
  • Non toxic, harmless to the environment and biodegradable.
  • Suitable for all metals including aluminium, stainless steel and all non-metals commonly found in a heating system.
  • Free from Nitrates & Borates.
  • pH Neutral formulation.
  • Effective pH buffering.

After years of Research and Development, X-PO10 Premier Central Heating Inhibitor was created. The formula, under independent tests showed that X-PO10 outperformed the leading brands in both Hard & Soft water. There is particular excellence in its ability to protect aluminium and stainless steel, which is the metal used in the production of most common domestic heat exchangers. X-PO10 surpasses the BuildCert standards and fully conforms to BS7593:2006. X-PO10 complies with Part L of the Building Regulations 2006 (EnglandandWales).

Vexo X-PO10 is a BuildCert Approved Inhibitor with a temp range to 80ºC and can be applied via the Patented Vexo Radiator Dosing Valve for pressurised systems or directly into the feed and expansion tank. If the minimum levels of protection are adhered to X-PO10 ensures protection for most system components.

Vexo X-PO10 has been tested and approved for all types of system waters, both Hard and Soft. It manages the pH level at close to neutral to give enhanced protection.

If a central heating system is larger than 70 Litres, a further dose of Vexo X-PO10 may be necessary.

Specific Gravity – 1.17 (20ºC)
pH – 7.4 – 7.6
Appearance – Amber
Odour-Perceptible odour

Q1. How does X-PO10 work?

A1. X-PO10 Premier Central Heating Protector when installed stops the build up of scale and sludge in your system. It keeps the scale in solution and stops it forming a thermal barrier onto the water side of your heat exchanger. It creates a microscopic polymer layer on the inside of your system pipework, radiators, pump and boiler to stop corrosion.

Q2. Does it take long to start working?

A2. It starts getting to work immediately, you should benefit from using X-PO10 within 24-48 hours after application. If your system larger than 70 Litres, we would suggest adding another pouch of X-PO10.

Q3. Can I use X-PO10 in an artificially softened or soft water heating system?

A3. Yes. We have designed the formula to take into account all types of hard and soft water conditions.

Q4. How long does X-PO10 last in the system?

A4.We would recommend that X-PO10 Central Central Heating Protector is added once a year to keep ongoing protection.

Q5. How do I know it will look after the components in my system?

A5. X-PO10 has been vigorously tested both in-house and through an independent testing facility, BuildCert.

Q6. Can I use X-PO20 in a Primatic system?

A6. No.

Q7. What is the pH level in my water?

A7. Generally the pH level in your tap water should be around 7.5pH. This would have been the water used to fill your heating system. When corrosion starts to take place on the steels, coppers etc, the pH level will start to rise. Once the pH level gets above 8.25 in your system, the water will start attacking the aluminium in the system, which is the most common material used in the manufacture if heat excangers.

Q8. Will X-PO10 drop the pH in the heating system?

A8. Yes. X-PO10 has a neutral pH and will help to bring the balance of the pH back to a neutral state by use of ‘buffer’ compounds.

Q9. Why do I get air in my radiators?

A9. During the corrosion process within your heating system, electrolytic action is taking place. The by-product of electrolytic action is the formation of hydrogen gas or ‘air’ as we all know it. X-PO10 stops this process from taking place.