Water Treatment Products - Radiator cleaning X-P020

Vexo have produced X-PO20 Premier De-Scaling Agent as a cure for noisy boilers. Vexo X-PO20 is a revolutionary de-scaling agent for your Central Heating system. Formulated from a super concentrate blend of agents, it has been designed to quickly descale the Boiler Heat Exchanger (the core component in your boiler) and therefore it improves the efficiency and restores the heat transfer of the Heat Exchanger. There is no need to shut the system down or drain it. X-PO20 is non-corrosive so it will not damage your Central Heating System. As X-PO20 is administered by the Vexo Valve, it takes a matter of minutes with no fuss & no mess

Vexo have produced X-PO20 Premier De-Scaling Agent as a cure for noisy boilers.





  • Easy to install with the Vexo Valve.
  • Prevents “kettling” or Noisy Boilers.
  • Neutral Premier De-Scaling Agent once applied.
  • Efficiently & effectively removes limescale deposits on the Boiler Heat exchanger.
  • Increases the efficiency of your system.
  • Increases Heat Exchanger Efficiency
  • Pays for itself in weeks.
  • Lowers Carbon emissions.
  • Non-Corrosive.
  • Non-Hazardous formula.
  • Suitable for all metals including aluminium, stainless steel and all non-metals commonly found in a system.
  • No need to flush, it stays in the system.
  • Effective pH buffering once applied.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Suitable for use with known power flushing equipment
  • Saves on fuel bills.

One 250ml Pouch of X-PO20 Premier De-Scaling Agent is sufficient to De-Scale a typical domestic Central Heating System (average 3 to 4 bedroom house or 70 litres). Additional / repeat applications of X-PO20 Premier De-Scaler may be necessary for larger systems.

X-PO20 has been designed to remove scale during the normal operation of a Central Heating System. X-PO20 is suitable for Aluminium, which is the metal used in the production of most common domestic Boiler Heat Exchangers.

Vexo X-PO20 is a Premium De-Scaling agent with a temp range up to 80ºC and can be applied simply via the Patented Vexo Radiator Dosing Valve for pressurised systems which is installed neatly into most radiators Alternatively, you can pour X-PO20 directly into the feed and expansion tank.

If the minimum level of X-PO20 is added to the system it will De-Scale a standard 70 litre system within days of application. Vexo X-PO20 has been tested and approved for all types of system waters, both Hard and Soft. It has a near neutral pH level once applied.

In extremely severe cases of boiler noise, a further dose of Vexo X-PO20 may be necessary.

Specific Gravity – 1.082 (20ºC)
pH – 5.8
Appearance – Amber
Odour-Perceptible odour

Q1. How does X-PO20 work?

A1. “Kettling” or Boiler noise is caused by scale deposits on the Boiler Heat Exchanger inside your boiler. This scale does not form uniformly around the heat exchanger which in turn causes certain areas of the heat exchanger to overheat. X-PO20 strips the scale deposits from the surface of the  Boiler Heat Exchanger allowing a constant and energy efficient heat distribution through the heat exchanger.

Q2. Does it take long to start working?

A2. It starts getting to work immediately, you should benefit from using X-PO20 within 24 hours of application. Depending on the amount of scale build up on your heat exchanger, it should be cleaned of scale build up within a week. If the symptoms persist, you may have a very heavily scaled Boiler Heat Exchanger or a system larger than 70 Litres, we would suggest adding another pouch of X-PO20.

Q3. Can I add X-PO20 if I have X-PO10 Premier Central Heating Protector already in the system?

A3. Yes you can! Vexo’s X-PO10  Protector and Inhibitor and X-PO20 have been designed to be fully compatible.

Q4. Do I need to drain or flush X-PO20 out of my system?

A4. No! X-PO20 can stay in your Central Heating system to give you added protection.

Q5. Can I use X-PO20 in a Primatic system?

A5. No.

Q6. The problem has got worse when I have added X-PO20.

A6. If your Boiler Heat Exchanger was heavily scaled up, X-PO20 will be breaking the scale deposits down. Sometimes thick layers of scale will break off causing an un-even covering of scale. Wait for at least a week, if the boiler is still noisy after this time, add another pouch of X-PO20.

Q7. I have added X-PO20 to my system and the noise is still there, what can I do?

A7. It could take up to a week to de-scale your Bolier Heat Exchanger, however, if you have a larger system (more than 70 Litres) you can simply add another pouch of X-PO20. If the problem still persists, you may have a problem with your Boiler itself (eg gas pressure), we would suggest contacting your local registered Heating Engineer.