Water Treatment Products - Radiator cleaning X-P040

Vexo X-PO40 is a revolutionary Premier De-Sludging agent for aged Central Heating systems. Formulated from a super concentrate blend of agents, it lifts and disperses sludge and scale build up therefore improving the efficiency you Boiler Heat Exchanger and the whole of your of your Central Heating system. Common Central Heating problems such as noisy Central Heating can be addressed by dosing your system with X-PO40. It can be easily administered via the Vexo Valve in a matter of minutes with no fuss & no mess.

Vexo X-PO40 is a revolutionary Premier De-Sludging agent.




  • Easy to install with the Vexo Valve.
  • Neutral Premier De-Sludging Agent.
  • Prolongs the system life for older systems.
  • Efficiently & effectively removes limescale and iron oxide deposits within the system.
  • Prevents “kettling” or Noisy Boilers.
  • Increases Heat Exchanger Efficiency
  • Increases the efficiency of your system.
  • Lowers Carbon emissions.
  • Non-Hazardous formula.
  • Suitable for all metals including aluminium, stainless steel and all non-metals commonly found in a system.
  • Non-Corrosive.
  • Cleans within 24 hours to 1 week dependent on system condition.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Suitable for use with known powerflushing equipment.
  • None foaming and easy disposal.
  • Can be used on ASHP and GSHP Pumps.

X-PO40 has a Neutral pH, is non-aggressive and has a high dispersal power which is ideal for domestic Central Heating systems. One 250ml Pouch of X-PO40 Premier De-Sludging Agent is sufficient to remove iron oxides and De-Sludge a typical domestic Central Heating System (average 3 to 4 bedroom house or 70 litres).

Additional / repeat applications of X-PO40 Premier De-Sludging Agent may be necessary for larger systems. X-PO40 has been designed to De-Sludge the whole system over a 24 hour period of a Central Heating System. XPO40 is suitable for Aluminium, which is the metal used in the production of most domestic Boiler Heat Exchangers.

Vexo X-PO40, Premium De-Sludging Agent has a temp range to 80ºC. it can be applied simply via the Patented Vexo Radiator Dosing Valve for pressurised systems in a matter of minutes with no fuss & no mess. If the minimum level of X-PO40 is added to the system it will clean /de-sludge a standard 70 litre system within 24 hours of application. After 24 hours of circulation, drain system and re-dose with Vexo XPO10 Premium Central Heating Inhibitor.

Specific Gravity – 1.1 (20ºC)
pH – 5 – 6
Appearance – Colourless
Odour-Perceptible odour

Q1.How does X-PO40 work?

A1. The X-PO40 formulation has been designed to lift and disperse sludge and scale build up therefore improving the efficiency of the whole system. Old systems which have not had any water treatment, suffer from corrosion debris, this debris or black sludge settles in the bottom of radiators causing cold spots and lowering the efficiency of the radiator.  Once the sludge has been lifted back into the circulating water, the whole system needs to be drained.

Q2. Does it take long to start working?

A2. X-PO40 should be left in the system for a minimum of 1 hour with warm system water or 24 hours if using cold water.

Q3. Can I use X-PO40 on all types of pipework?

A3. Yes you can! Vexo’s X-PO40 has been designed to work with all types of system materials.

Q4. Do I need to drain or flush X-PO40 out of my system?

A4. Yes. Once you have completed the de-sludging process, you must drain the whole system of water and refill with clean water.

Q5. I have a really old system, can I still use X-PO40?

A5. Yes. X-PO40 has been designed to work on poorly looked after or old systems.

Q6. When is the best time to de-sludge my system?

A6. Anytime, if you have an older system, it should be done to increase the efficiency. If you are replacing your boiler, British Standards recommend that a system flush is carried out.