Water Treatment Products - Radiator cleaning Vexo X-POT™ Side Stream Filtration Unit

NEW! For Commercial Applications The X-POT™ Side Stream Filtration Unit

Is it a Side Stream Filter? Yes
Is it a Powerful Magnetic Filter? Yes
Is it a Dirt Separator? Yes
Is it an Air Separator? Yes
Is it a Dosing Pot? Yes

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Vexo X-POT™  Side Stream Filtration Unit
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Simple operation
  • Supplied part assembled for easy installation
  • Collects large and small particles of Iron-Oxide and Magnetite
  • No need to shut the system down for cleaning of the filters
  • Removable Rare Earth magnets for swift cleansing
  • Removable Polypropylene Inert Filters ( Sizes 20, 50, 100 Microns)
  • Manufactured from high grade 316 & 304 Stainless Steel
  • High PREN number (Pitting Resistance Equivalent Number)
  • Increases energy efficiency
  • Lowers maintenance costs and time servicing major system components
  • Extends the life of the system
  • Ideal for retrofit or new installation projects
  • Cost-effective dosing of Vexo Chemicals
  • 3 Year Warranty

Precision design which offers complete flexibility to professional heating engineers: Vexo International has manufactured the X-POT™ Side Stream Filtration Unit to the very highest of standards, ISO 9001:2008 and in accordance with the sound engineering practice category of the Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC). The vessel is made from 304 Stainless Steel with all fittings and Pipework are of 1” BSP apart from the manual Air Vent which is a 1/2” connection, all 304 stainless steel.

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Operation- Dosing the System:

operation1) Isolate the unit, close valves J & N
2) Drain the unit, open valve P & U
3) Remove the lid to the vessel
4) Ensure the vessel is empty
5) Replace the lid and secure bolts
6) Close valve P 7) Open valve C
8) Dose the chemicals into the tundish B
9) After dosing, close valves C & U
10) Fully open valves J & N

To clean the Magnet Grate and change the cartridge filter, follow the instructions above to open and close the vessel lid. Once the filters have been installed, leave the unit open to the system flow.

technicalTest Pressure 10
Bar Max Working Pressure 7Bar
Maximum Temperature 100oC
Minimum Temperature -20oC

Materials of Construction:
All components 304/314 Stainless Steel

97/23/EC Article 3 Paragraph 3 Sound Engineering Practice Welded to BS EN 287

The X-Pot™ Side Stream Filtration Unit can be used with the full range of X-PO Water Treatment chemicals which are available in commercial volumes from Vexo International

The X-Pot™  Side Stream Filtration Unit can be used in the following sectors in either retrofit or new installation projects

  • Health – Hospitals, Nursing and Residential Homes, Care Centres
  • Leisure – Sports Centres, Cinemas, Pools, Holiday Centres, Hotels
  • Education – Schools, Universities, Colleges
  • Industrial – Factories, Production and Process Plants
  • Commercial – Office Blocks, Public and Administration Buildings
  • Community – Municipal and Public Buildings

The main difference with the X-Pot Side Stream Filtration Unit is once installed, and the chemicals have been dosed into the heating or chilled water system, the flow and return connections are simply left open. This lets the system water flow through the vessel, acting as a side stream filter. It is important to ensure the unit is installed correctly to give a rapid and safe dispersal of the chemicals. Ideally the unit should be installed where there is a high differential pressure between the flow and return pipe work. The unit should be securely fixed to a wall by the integrated wall mounting bracket. Ensure a suitable drainage point is also provided for the unit.



Following on-going issues with the quality of the water and system efficiencies at a commercial heating system in the Saatchi Gallery in London, Vexo undertook a 5 week trial of the X-POT™ . The system had been cleaned on 2 previous occasions (not with the X-PO Range) but this had failed to resolve the problem. Following the completion of the trial there was a dramatic improvement in the water quality and system efficiency which was verified following independent chemical analysis of the water quality. The photos below provide an overview of the trial and the spectacular results of Magnetite removal and dirt and debris collection by the 20 Micron Polypropylene filter.


Claire Hall at Cambridge University provides residential accommodation for their students. With 50 year old 2 inch pipe work and a 10 year old boiler house, they were experiencing problems with air in the system and cold spots. Resident complaints of cold rooms prompted Claire Hall to install an X-POT.

Following installation, Tim Cottage Estates Manager reported a ‘magnificent improvement’. Once the X-POT was opened after 3 months ‘the filter was black but I was amazed as to what was stuck to the magnets. We found pieces of metal the size of one penny pieces.  I would recommend the X-POT as over the last 18 months and in particular last winter, we have had no cold spots and no complaints from residents which is the main thing’. Detailed below are some photos of the X-POT at Claire Hall as part of routine maintenance.