Why Carry Out Water Treatment

Our simple Patented System can help you save money, protect your Central Heating system and lower your carbon footprint.

If you live in a hard water area, your kettle isn’t the only thing that furs-up with Limescale. Your Boiler and Central Heating system can also get covered in scale build up and clog up your system. This happens in hard water areas which is approximatley 70% of the UK. The Limescale builds up around your Boiler Heat Exchanger, just the same as around the heating element in the bottom of your kettle.

You may not be able to see the build-up of scale, but you will feel the impact on your heating bills.

Another increase in your energy usage is excess air in your radiators. As your central heating system is made of steel, copper, brass, aluminium and other common metals, your system will be corroding from the inside – out. As your system is rusting, the by-product of this ongoing corrosion is hydrogen gas or excess air.

If your radiator has the top 10% filled with excess air, the ‘Carbon Trust’ say, this “will stop them warming up” properly and will again lead to an increase of energy required to heat the radiator and the room it’s in.

The particles of rust and scale circulating around your pipework and radiators in the central heating system is known as ‘sludge’ and will eventually settle down in low flow areas. This sludge is normally found at the bottom of a radiator. Sludge at the bottom of a radiator causes ‘cold spots’. The cold spots in a radiator can also lead to the radiator becoming in-efficient and again increasing fuel bills. To this end, the ‘Energy Savings Trust’ confirm, “the efficiency of the overall system has a major impact on running costs and the associated CO2 emissions, Boiler efficiency depends upon; ‘system free of sludge and scale’”.

With all of these chemical reactions going on inside your Central Heating system, it doesn’t take long for parts of your system to fail, Pumps, Heat Exchanger, Radiators and Sensors can breakdown quite easily under these conditions and can lead to expensive repairs.

Taking all of the above into account from the ‘Energy Savings Trust’ and the ‘Carbon Trust’, it would be safe to say that a common domestic Central Heating system without any water treatment protection could decrease the energy efficiency of that system by 10% to 20%.

The good news is you can now help prevent Limescale, excess air, corrosion and sludge in your Central Heating system with our easy to install Vexo Valve, thus enabling you to introduce our Premier Central Heating Inhibitor X-PO10. By doing this, it will neutralise all of the problems above and give you the protection you deserve.


Having previously used other inhibitor products and had first-hand experience of the issues with using them I was really impressed with the speed and simplicity of the pouch system to deliver the Vexo product into the heating system. The replacement non-return end cap – “The Vexo valve” that came supplied is a great idea that will make repeat applications even quicker. In terms of the product working I’ve certainly noticed an improvement in the speed the radiators heat up and also the temperature they throw out which we hopefully reduce my costs. Gary