was established with two objectives in mind –

To produce innovative, high quality water treatment products for the commercial market and to educate the industry on how effective water treatment can be. We recognised that you the commercial client have not been shown how and why water treatment products can cut operational costs.

In actual fact, our market research determined that over 40% of people polled were not even aware of what water treatment was and the benefits to them financially and to the long term efficiency of their Central Heating or cooling system. This was the catalyst for us to develop water treatment products that you could use simply in a matter of minutes without any prior knowledge of plumbing.


Vexo International have helped their clients cut costs in the following sectors:

  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • New Build Domestic
  • Public Sector
  • Power Generation

Case Studies

FMJ Magazine - 2016

Best Practice for looking after your system.

St Pancras Hopsital

Functionality and Performance Testing.