About VEXO

Founded in 2010, VEXO International is a UK based company that has started from very humble beginnings, but through innovation and originality now finds itself benefiting from unprecedented growth. The company specialise in the manufacturing of environmentally friendly and innovative water treatment solutions. As a company VEXO have created BSRIA compliant products and are continuously developing new products in order to deliver smarter solutions to the commercial business owner. 

Our Mission

The VEXO mission is to continue innovating technological products whilst maintaining its green credentials. The company recognises its responsibilities to the consumer but also to the environment and wider society. In the future VEXO will continue to help their commercial clients but also make an impact in the water treatment and construction industry as a whole. VEXO International are dedicated to using their knowledge not just to help their own growth but to educate industries nation and worldwide. Finally VEXO will continue to support their existing team through investment, As a company VEXO will also strive towards investing in the brightest talent nationwide.

The VEXO mission is simple.

 Invest ✓

 Innovate ✓

 Educate ✓



The VEXO Team

Our team is uniquely made up from years of experience in engineering, water treatment, contracting and client services. It is this and VEXO’s passion for finding solutions for commercial water treatment that encourages VEXO to continually reinvest in research, development, our customers and the VEXO team. At Vexo we start we always start with WHY.