VEXO Achieve ISO9001 Certification.

VEXO International have made a very productive start to 2018 by managing to achieve ISO 9001 certification. The company quickly implemented a efficient and smart quality management system before showcasing this on their first audit which was recognised to be fully compliant with the guidelines set out in the ISO 9001 quality manual. VEXO then moved on to stage two of the ISO application which again was completed without complications. Completing ISO 9001 has resulted in the company being recognised for their efforts to implement an effective quality management system which meets the varying needs of their clients and wider stakeholders. The accreditation means that all areas of business are being ran with the upmost professionalism as ISO 9001 holds regulatory and statutory requirements in the highest regard.

VEXO can now move forward and look back on what has been a very busy 4 months with the the satisfaction that another objective has been ticked off the VEXO checklist.