Why Should I Carry Out Water Treatment?

Simply put, carrying out water treatment can help cut your costs, protect your Central Heating system and lower your carbon footprint.

If you live in a hard water area Your Boiler and Central Heating system can also get covered in scale build up and clog up your system.  70% of the UK are hard water areas. All the scale and build up of debris can reduce your system efficiency meaning your costs are higher than they should be.

10% of excess air can stop your radiator warming up properly according to the carbon trust, again this means that extra energy will be needed to warm up your building through radiators.

Particles of rust and scale circulating around your pipework and radiators within the water eventually settles down, this is known as sludge. Once settled, this sludge causes blockages and can cause ‘Cold Spots’. The cold spots in a radiator can also lead to the radiator becoming in-efficient and again increasing fuel bills. Boiler efficiency simply relies upon a “Sludge free system” according to the Energy Savings Trust, the same trust are also advocates of our X-PO10 Inhibitor.

With all of these additive reactions going on inside your Central Heating system, it doesn’t take long for components of your system to fail. Pumps, Heat Exchangers, Radiators and Sensors can breakdown very easily under these conditions and can lead to avoidable but expensive repairs.

The Energy Saving Trust and Carbon Trust estimate that treating the water within your system and keeping it free of sludge can increase efficiency by 10%-20%, resulting in a very large saving in energy costs for the commercial business owner.

The good news for the the consumer is that VEXO have patented products that are endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust, Click on our products page to see products that can increase your system efficiency.

Which Problem is your heating suffering from?


Cold Spots?

If your system radiators are suffering from cold spots it is very likely that a build up of Sludge has settled within your pipe work, to rectify this view the X-PO40 Heavy Duty De-sludger.

X-PO40 Heavy Duty De-Sludger

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Problems with Hard Water?

If you live in a hard water area your system will need extra protection to maintain maximum efficiency. The X-PO10 Inhibitor is a super concentrate product. The Buildcert approved inhibitor will help protect your system against hard water running through your pipes as well as mixed metal and plastic pipe work.

X-PO10 Inhibitor

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Build up of Scale?

Overtime you may find components of your system have seen a build up of scale, this is particularly common on heat exchangers. Like the build up of sludge and other debris, scale reduces the efficiency of your system. To maintain an efficient system, the system requires additives to remove scale and protect your system. View the X-PO20 Additive for an environmentally friendly solution to the build up of scale.

X-PO20 De-scaling Agent

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No Problem but i want to protect my new system.

If you have a new system then being proactive and protecting it would be best practice. View the X-PO45 New System Cleaner for a Neutral PH additive that will clean your system and prepare the metal surface for passivation.

X-PO45 New System Cleaner

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Build up of Bacteria?

Build up bacteria in a system isn’t a problem that can be ignored, Legionella and Pseudomonas can develop within your heating or chilled water system as well as fungi and algae. The X-PO80 rapid acting biocide can be found on the products page or by clicking the link below. X-PO80 kills all common bacteria and also improves system performance. A 5Litre dose of X-PO80 can treat up to 50,000Litres of water.

X-PO80 Biocide

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