Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ page. Please see below for answers to questions regarding water treatment and Vexo products. Any answers to questions that are not listed below please get in touch with customer service Via the Contact page.

Which Problem is your heating suffering from?


Why Should I carry out Water Treatment?

It Can save you money and lower your carbon footprint.

70% of the UK is a hard water area, Hard water produces scale.

Scale will lower the efficiency of your systems.

Excess air in your radiator can stop them warming up according to the carbon trust.

Rust and scale will sit in your system and eventually create blockages, Causing cold spots on radiators.

Energy savings Trust insist that boiler efficiency relies upon a system free of sludge and scale.


Isn't the X-POT Just a shiny dosing pot?

Yes, the X-POT is a shiny dosing pot but also much more than that. The innovative design means that the X-POT is also a air and dirt separator as well as a magnetic filter. The X-POT is the 3 in 1 product that is the smart alternative to traditional water treatment products.


Can i really expect my system to become more efficient?

Absolutely, at Vexo we pride ourselves on being able to supply a product that actually makes a difference. Visit our ‘Case studies’ section to read about many customers who have seen their costs drop and their system efficiency rise by 10-15%.


I have a new system. Do i still need water treatment?

If you have installed a new system then you definitely need water treatment. Bad water quality in a new system is just like putting dirty oil into a new engine, you won’t get the most out of the new product. In order to gain maximum reliability and efficiency from a new system, the water should be


How can i trust the quality of your products?

Our products are all made from high quality 3o4 stainless steel, however we can understand that reliability is a huge concern. All you have to do is register your X-POT to receive a 3 year warranty on our products.


I already use dosing Chemicals, do your additives work as well?

Yes, there are a number of good quality products already on the market but the VEXO additive range have produced unquestionable results.

An Independent research determined the following: X-PO10 Inhibitor was added to a Central Heating system approximately 20 years old and a 5 year old boiler. The limescale was de-scaled from the Heat Exchanger, the corrosion process stopped and radiators stopped producing excess air in them. The sludge build-up in system started to breakdown. All of this resulted in the efficiency of the system rising by 14.5%.

For more examples Visit our ‘Case Studies’ Page


How do i know which X-POT to use?

Sizing the X-POT is easy. All you have to do is enter your system details on our ‘Products’ page, this will calculate the perfect product for your system so you don’t have to worry. Alternatively you can download the ‘BOSS’ X-POT’ App from the Apple or Google Play store which will not only pick the right product, but also automatically send a quote to our stockist who can assist you.

For any further help picking the right product please contact our customer service who would be more than happy to assist you.