The X-POT Range

The X-POT Range originates from the X-POT Compact, a 5 in 1 alternative to a air and dirt separator, magnetic filter, side stream filtration unit and dosing pot. All X-POT’s benefit from having the mentioned components built in to what looks like your traditional dosing pot and is finished in 3o4 stainless steel. The X-POT’s manufactured by VEXO are differentiated through the system size they can be retro-fitted to, the temperature and maximum pressure they can withstand. To compliment the X-POT, VEXO have manufactured a number of high performance yet cost effective additives which range from a Inhibitor to system de-scaler. Click on an image below to see which VEXO products fit your system specification.

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Maintaining your X-POT






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X-PO10 Easy Dose

X-PO35 Additive

X-PO80 Additive

X-PO Anti-Freeze Inhibitor Range

X-PO45 Additive

X-PO40 Additive

X-PO20 Additive

X-PO10 Additive


X-Pot 6

X-POT Compact